Bay Crest Farm

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Basic monthly board                                                                                              
Minimum services required                                                                                                                                                                                    

Lessons & Training Services
  Use of school horses $10 additional to lesson fees
                                                                                    Your Horse                    School Horse
1 hour private lesson                                                    $50                                    $60
1 hour semi-private                                                       $40                                    $50
1 hour group                                                                   $35                                    $45
1/2 hour private lesson                                                 $35                                    $45

Training ride (travel available @ additional cost)                                               $40
Full training  (3-5 rides per week)                                                                         $600/month
Purchase & sale require 10% of the horses paid value,
minimum amount of $500)
Haul-In/Arena usage (waived with use of services)                                          $15
Practice rides                                                                                                            $25

Horse Leasing
Full Lease                                                                                                                 $650/month
            (5-6 rides a week, 1-2 lesson and/or training ride
             required, each program customized per student)     
Half Lease                                                                                                                $350/month
            (3 rides a week, 1 lesson required, 
            must work around horses lesson schedule)    

Horse Shows
Schooling Fee                                                                                                          $50/day
Trainers Expenses                                                                                        split b/w customers
Golf Cart Fee                                                                                                   split b/w customers    
Transportation                                                                                       $1.00/mile or  $70  minimum
Horse Usage    (varies for a lease situation)                                                     $35/day
Set Up/Teardown Fee                                                                                             $20/horse
Daily Care 
            Basic-(includes, packing hay & grain, feeding meals                          $25/day
             & supplements, watering, bedding stalls & ordering bedding)
            Basic care + stall cleaning                                                                          $35/day

Beauty Shop      sedation will be billed at cost
Mane pulls                                                                                                                 $10-30
Full Show Trim                                                                                                          $35
Quick Trim                                                                                                                  $20
Full Body Clip                                                                                                            $175
Partial Body Clip                                                                                                       $60-100